Who We Are

What it’s all about

Moray Waste Busters are a registered Charity, Social Enterprise and Company limited by Guarantee.

We are a membership based organisation with members drawn from the local area. Anyone from the local area can become a member. Members elect a Board of Trustees who employ an Operations Manager who runs the business and manages the day to day operations. The Operations Manager works with the Board on strategy and implements it on their behalf.


We are a local community organisation driven by inclusitivity, sustainablility and a belief that everyone can contribute in a practical way towards the fight against climate change. Our innovative re-use hub inspires and mobilises the people of Moray to actively participate in a circular economy as a matter of habit.

Company Purposes

  1. We uplift the local community by making it easy and affordable for residents in and near Moray to donate and purchase pre-loved goods.
  2. We are a leader at inspiring the local community to play their part in the fight against climate change.
  3. We partner with the local communtiy to provide a circular economy hub that fosters collabaration towards innovative reuse solutions.
  4. We create fair and rewording job opportunites for people of all abilities.
  5. We reduce landfill and inspire a reuse mindset among the residents and visitors of Moray by raising climate change awareness.